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About knold & Top

Plant breeding takes time

The breeding began in 1996 on a hobby basis. We are focusing on varieties with white flowers. Originally this trait was introduced to reduce the attack of pollen beetles and other insects which are more lured by yellow than white.

In 2008 -2010 we found that the white flower trait was linked to reduced astringency of the leaves and this enabled us to develop tasty leaf vegetables from oilseed rape. To separate the less astringent varieties from normal oilseed rape we are using the French word ‘colza’ for the white flowering varieties. Colza means rapeseed.


New Vegetables

Based on the reduced bitterness genes several new varieties of colza vegetables are now being developed. In theory it is possible to breed all the forms of cabbage inside oilseed rape (analogous to white cabbage, brussel sprouts, broccoli etc.), but it takes time. The first new type, ‘colzacoli’ (analogous broccoli), should be ready within the next years.

In general vegetables based on colza (B. napus) will be more productive and more disease resistant as compared to B. oleraceae (the cabbage family). Probably also coarser in structure. As to human nutrition B napus and B. oleracea are rather similar. Colza vegetables will not replace the B oleraceae vegetables, but they are an interesting supplement.



In 2008 the first variety, spring oilseed rape Lyside, was listed in European Union. In 2013 SilverShadow (spring type) and WITT (winter type) were listed. Further to this LILPUT in 2014 and JADAK in 2016, both winter types. Those varieties can all be used for baby leaf salad.

Some of them can be used also for sprouts or ‘cress’ (cotyledons). All breeding is financed from seed sale or license fees. In 2018 Lyside and Jadak were withdrawn from the variety lists as their market share became too limited.


The company

Knold & Top ApS is a private limited company owned by Knold & Top Holding Aps which is also a private limited company. The breeding takes place in the Nordic Seed facilities, c/o Nordic Seed, Grindsnabevej 25, DK 8300 Odder. Knold & Top benefits from a narrow cooperation with Nordic Seed especially regarding the breeding and testing of oilseed rape for oil. Inside horticulture Knold & Top cooperates closely with Vikima Seeds, Industriparken 9, DK 4960 Holeby.

Income is mostly from seed sale and license fees (especially agriculture). Participation in projects and consulting work also contribute to the economy. At the moment Knold & Top only deals with business to business sale.

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