Seedlings ("Cress") and Microgreens

Children like them

Our varieties are well adapted to production of seedlings and microgreens. Colza-seedlings and colza microgreens are appealing products with a mild taste. The cultivation is similar to other species having round seeds. Growth is a little slower than Lepidium sativum.

Colza seedlings (colza cress) is a very nice looking green product well adapted to be used in sandwiches, salads and other dishes. The small plants are rich in vitamins and minerals. Like seedlings and leaaves from the cabbage family they contain glucosinolates which to some extent prevent certain types of cancer, diabetes 2 and other diseases.

LILPUT: Because of its short hypocotyl (seedling stem) the variety LILPUT is very adapted to the cultivation of colza cress in small plastic boxes like Lepidium sativum.

WITT: For all other colza varieties such as WITT the hypocotyl gets much longer and they are therefore adapted to a cultivation technique without lid.

In a test with WITT cress 28 out of 30 children liked the product. According to the children the WITT cress tasted like very mild radish. Some of the small children asked for more! In contrast most children do not like the Lepidium sativum “cress” because of its strong taste.

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We are using the word microgreen for very small plants with cotyledons and a few leaves. Production trials will be made but for the start our focus has been on the colza cress.

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