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Flowers, Colzacoli & Swede rape

Knold & Top is trying to develop “colzacoli” where the edible parts are the leaves, stems and buds of colza (oilseed rape), like a small broccoli head. Those types have arisen from crosses between dwarf oilseed rape and rapini (Brassica rapa). Colzacoli has a rather compact bud with the size of a rapini. We hope colzacoli will be on the market within 2 – 4 years.

Colza flowers
For many years there has been a lot of talk about flowers for salad. We have developed dwarf types of colza with different flower color and a very rapid growth. Our hope is to grow those types in pots giving the possibility to decorate your salad with tasty yellow, orange and white flowers. We expect this product to be ready within 2 – 4 years.

Swede rape
We hope to be able to make new varieties of swedes with different tastes based on our new types with reduced bitterness. However this breeding is years from its final goal.

breeding and sale of rapeseed